Aaron Dogon


Aaron Dogon is a member of the Li-Hai faction of the Akashic Brotherhood and the Emissary-aligned cabal Jupiter’s Forge. He was offered to the cabal as a diplomatic gesture from the Eighteen Dragons Bodhimandala in Toronto, and brings with him a great deal of combat experience. A professional bodyguard and martial arts teacher, he has helped Jupiter’s Forge network through his clients.

Aaron was a professional bodyguard and martial arts teacher specializing in karate and jujutsu before joining Jupiter’s Forge, and he brings a great deal of martial arts experience to his cabal, including knowledge of Do. His magic focuses on coincidental effects to assisting his fighting, and includes knowledge of the Entropy, Forces, Life, and Prime spheres at modest levels.

Nothing is known of Aaron Dogon’s avatar or resonance.


Aaron Dogon has lived a simple but exciting life; as an accomplished martial artist, he frequented tournaments when not bodyguarding those with the money to pay for his protection. On the side, he also taught some of his clients martial arts. He joined Jupiter’s Forge as part of a diplomatic gesture, and has come to be an advocate of the direct action advocated by the Sphinx and the Emissaries.

Current Activities:
Currently, Aaron is spending his time as a member of Jupiter’s Forge.

Aaron Dogon

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