Alexei DesJean


Alexei DesJean is a relatively rare case, a dual-traditioned Mage that holds membership in both the Akashic Brotherhood and the Cult of Ecstasy: within the Akashics, he is primarily associated with the Li-Hai, and within the Ecstatics he is primarily associated with the Erzuli Jingo. He is the ideological core of the multi-Tradition cabal, Jupiter’s Forge, which is sponsored by a pair of Masters, Arthur Lethbridge and Cassandra Frost. He is associated with the Emissaries and a well-regarded Journeyman of the Mount Oyama Chantry.

Alexei DesJean is known as a man of wide-ranging talents and abilities. He began his Awakened career as a vodouist of the Cult of Ecstasy specializing in spirit possession, but a desire for greater self-mastery brought him to an Akashic monastery in Nepal. Alexei possesses a broad knowledge of magical theory that suggests a range of competency with most spheres of magic, and a knowledge of Do and traditional knife throwing ensure that he is a passable combatant.

Alexei is also pacted to Abba El-Baal Asha, an Umbrood noteworthy for its associations with augury, creative technology, and the planet Jupiter: his cabal has taken the name of Jupiter’s Forge to invite the blessings of Abba El-Baal Asha on the cabal as a whole.

Nothing is known of Alexei DesJean’s avatar or resonance.


A few things are known of Alexei’s history: he first joined the Cult and then the Brotherhood, he is an outspoken and opinionated individual which began receiving Sphinx messages early on and drew his cabal into the influence of the Emissaries, and before he became associated with Jupiter’s Forge he was active in the Dissonance Society of the Ecstatics as well as the Erzuli Jingo.

Current Activities:
Alexei is representing the Emissaries and the rebellious spirit of the Sphinx abroad.

Alexei DesJean

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