Amaterasu Kobayashi


Amaterasu is the Council Primus of the Dreamspeakers for the New Horizon Council and the leader of her Tradition in the Seattle area. She is a member of the Keepers of the Sacred Flame, a faction found within the Dreamspeakers. Unlike many of her Native American brothers and sisters, she is considered a moderate within the Nine Traditions and is an adherent of a Japanese offshoot of traditional Dreamspeaker beliefs. She also serves as Deacon Tertius of Seattle, responsible for the chantry and Council of Nine in the absence of both the Deacons Primus and Secundus. Since the gifting of the Tradition Blades back to the Traditions with the formation of the New Horizon Council, Amaterasu has been the holder of the Dreamspeaker Tradition Blade.

Amaterasu is an adept of the Spirit (Yumi) sphere, a disciple of the Prime (Tanto) sphere, and a novice of the Correspondence (Drumming), Entropy (Amulet), Life (Touch), Matter (Touch), Mind (Meditation), and Time (Drumming) spheres. She possesses several rare abilities within her tradition, including the ability to easily shift her attention between the Earth and Umbral realms, as well as the ability to naturally see spirits and the spiritual forms of other awakened creatures. She is able to speak with animals of all kinds, and finds herself immune to the ravages of the Avatar Storm. It is known that she is pacted to a powerful spirit, Amaterasu-Omikami, the Japanese Goddess of the Sun and mother of the majority of the Kami. Her yumi serves as a familiar and enchanted bow, and she has some ability with the awakened ability known as Dream, allowing her to tap the collective unconscious for greater understanding of skills and knowledges. She possesses an advanced education in many techniques used primarily by the Technocracy, including Psychology and Marketing, as well as training in traditional forms of combat.

Amaterasu’s avatar appears to her as Amaterasu-Omikami, a curiousity considering her totem as well as her name. Her avatar is said to be quite structured in it’s goals and desires, and makes itself quite clear to her what it wishes to do. It’s interests always seem to coincide with the desires of her totem, and Amaterasu herself has wondered about the possibility of her avatar being a shard of the Goddess herself. When asked, she will inform that she once thought that her avatar was of the Pattern essence; it quickly rectified the error and told her it is Primordial. When using magic, effects materialize as slightly Dynamic, Entropic, and Static, often blooming from a unique singular shape into a vast geometric pattern.


Amaterasu was born in San Francisco to poor Japanese-American parents and was only able to attend university due to reparation payments made to her parents on behalf of her grandparents for their treatment in the second world war. While she was attending school for her Masters degree, her mother died of breast cancer. Achieving a PhD, she began to work in the Defense sector, quickly becoming a highly valued personal assistant to one of the board members of General Dynamics, a large American defense company. During this time, her father began to suffer from heart disease, ultimately leading to his hospitalization and continued care up to the present day. A few years ago, Amaterasu came to Seattle to work on behalf of General Dynamics, serving as a Vice-President of their Pacific operations. Shortly after her arrival in Seattle, she awakened and took a short leave of absence, gaining a handle of her abilities by being taught by the spirits she now could see and hear, and in fact could not stop seeing and hearing. Later, she was discovered by spirits that led her to the Dreamspeakers, which she joined and learned of the Nine Traditions and the traditional teachings of the Dreamspeakers.

Current Activities:
Amaterasu is currently serving as the Council Primus for her Tradition on the New Horizon Council, as well as maintaining her own spiritual and temporal interests. She works long hours often, and also serves as a spiritual leader to other Shintoists in the area, giving counsel and performing blessings, cleansings, and exorcisms.

Amaterasu Kobayashi

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