Ambrosio Maynard


Ambrosio is a member of the Order of Hermes, and an aspiring member of House Apollo, a sub-house of House Flambeau. Conceived in a bubble of accelerated-time with the aid of several magical rituals, Ambrosio’s mother is Anna Vienus and his father is Ethan Maynard. This unique parentage has marked out Ambrosio as the first member of a new revenant family. Following after Magdalena, Ambrosio joined the Adherents of Justice, a cabal led by Mira.

With a voracious appetite for puzzles, paradoxes, and mathematics, Ambrosio studies the divergent fields of occult knowledge and logico-scientific reasoning: this dual emphasis has brought him to the conclusion that the mystical and the scientific are simply two different expressions of the same spiritually-based metaphysical outlook. A follower of Pythagoreanism and Neo-Pythagoreanism, Ambrosio possesses a particular wealth of knowledge in mathematics, astronomy, and ritualism.

As a revenant, Ambrosio possesses all the abilities common to that name: enhanced strength, longevity, resistance to damage, the ability to heal or enhance his own physicality. In addition to Potence, which is common to all revenants, Ambrosio also possesses rudimentary ability with Dominate and sufficient knowledge of Obtenebration to animate shadows or produce a zone of Abyssal darkness. Learned from his mother, Ambrosio also has made a study of Abyss Mysticism, which has given him the ability to “invert” his perception of light and darkness. As a rather atypical revenant, Ambrosio is immune to the blood bond, avatar addiction, and the biological stasis caused by ghouldom.

Magically, Ambrosio is a disciple of the Entropy, Forces, Matter, and Prime spheres, and an initiate of the Correspondence, Mind, and Spirit spheres.

Ambrosio has described his avatar as being more akin to a feeling than an entity. Sometimes he has hunches, and other times things click in a dream that do not while he is awake. Ambrosio’s resonances is Dynamic (Flashy), Entropic (Dark, Menacing), and Static (Illuminating, Logical).


Born of Ethan Maynard and Anna Vienus in the Archimedean Point Cabal’s bubble of accelerated time, Ambrosio’s existence required extensive rituals performed by his father and Melissa Gardner. Given the surprising pairing of his parents, however, Ambrosio benefited from a fairly traditional home-life when he was young, with parents both actively involved in his rearing and each other’s projects and research. Ambrosio’s learning was academically broad between his parents’ interests, and at the age of 10 he was Awakened by reading the Kitab al Alacir.

At a young age, Ambrosio became close to Magdalena, as they studied science and technology together with Anna. Since their teenage years began, the couple have cycled through periods of awkwardness, infatuation, and casual sexuality, but through it all Ambrosio has shown a continuing interest in their relationship being far more than Magdalena has yet agreed to. In continuing pursuit of Magdalena, Ambrosio has joined Mira’s cabal, the Adherents of Justice.

Current Activities:
Ambrosio is striking out with his cabal.

Ambrosio Maynard

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