Anna Vienus


Anna is a relative hermit within Seattle that has offered space within her haven to several people and has shown an interest in the various adventures of the Archimedean Point Cabal. She is known to be a member of the Sabbat, and in fact the local Bishop by sheer lack of population; however, she seems to possess very little fondness for the organization. Recently, the long time vampire had a son, Ambrosio Maynard, and was made mortal by the Archimedean Point Cabal. She has joined the Order of Hermes, nominally claiming membership to House Apollo, a minor house within House Flambeau.

Although formerly a vampire, with a strong pedigree and several centuries of learning, Anna has recently become a mortal mage. As a magical practitioner, Abyss mystic, and scientifically-inclined before her recent change, Anna possesses extensive skill in mysticism, magical theory, science and technology, as well as training in swordsmanship, linguistics, and social graces.

At the moment, Anna is relying heavily upon occult methods associated with Obtenebration, Abyss Mysticism, and Thaumaturgy in the understanding of her magical paradigm and foci, performing many of her previous abilities; however, she has shown an ability to integrate and understand similar occult practices and even technomagical practices fairly easy, proving herself extremely flexible paradigmatically. Due to the process with which she was made mortal, Anna is also a stormwarden.

Magically, Anna is still coming to fully understand the breadth of the spheres, but from effects she has managed she is reckoned an adept of Forces (Gestures) and Spirit (Chanting), a disciple of Life (Blood), Mind (Hypnosis), Prime (Meditation), and Telos (Proto-Enochian), and a novice of Correspondence (Technology), Entropy (Astrology), Matter (Chemistry), and Time (The Heavens).

Anna’s avatar has appeared as a curious perceptual phenomenon: her avatar appears as herself, but focusing upon her allows one to pick out the individual atoms/elements that make her up, and the complicated elliptical orbits these atoms/elements take while making up her form. Given her long time as a vampire and Abyss mystic, Anna’s resonance is decidedly noticeable: Dynamic (Overwhelming), Entropic (Dark, Nightmarish, Subtle), Static (Focused, Questioning)


Only a few things are known about Anna’s history: she was a nun before she was embraced, she worked in the Pope’s household in some capacity, her family is a Spanish branch of the Chigi family, and at some point she came to Seattle to spy on the Camarilla while maintaining her distance from the Sabbat. Her life has become more eventful since meeting the Archimedean Point Cabal, and she has rediscovered the presumably lost discipline of Bardo with the cabal, had a son named Ambrosio Maynard with Ethan Maynard of the cabal, and ultimately become mortal again through the Ritual of the Red Sign.

Current Activities:
Anna is spending her time learning more of her newly-developed sphere magic and enjoying mortality once more.

Anna Vienus

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