Aurora Golden


Aurora is a member of the Cult of Ecstasy that recently arrived in Seattle. As a member of the Acharnae, an Ecstatic faction which does not follow the Code of Ananda, Aurora has kept her presence in Seattle under the radar.

Aurora appears to be an accomplished businesswoman with social graces, having worked previously as a madam in Las Vegas. Her spending patterns suggest she has a great deal of money at her disposal, and her clientele since arriving in Seattle point towards an impressive and growing temporal influence within the city.

Magically, Aurora has shown an interesting flair for the mysticism of European gentleman’s clubs and conspiracies, including Hermetic practices mixed with the use of substances and mental manipulation. She has shown an advanced understanding of localized dream realms and shared hallucinations between umbrood, mages, and sleepers in close physical proximity to each other, even going so far as to have varying sensory impressions to the conscious and subconscious mind. Sphere-wise, she has been shown to be a disciple of Mind (Transcendent States), Spirit (Smoke), and Time (Meditation); a novice of Life (Yoga) and Prime (Henosis); and an initiate of Correspondence (Metaphysical Systems) and Entropy (Music).

Nothing is known of Aurora’s avatar, but her magic reveals itself to be Dynamic (Undulating) and Static (Patterned).


Little is known of Aurora’s history beyond the fact she has worked as a madam for some time, and previously plied her trade in Las Vegas before coming to Seattle and taking over an area zoned as a strip club. The strip club has since been changed into a private reading club with a number of magical enchantments placed over it.

Current Activities:
Aurora has continued her role as a madam and has been slowly gaining increasing influence over the political structure of Seattle.

Aurora Golden

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