Bharat is a member of the Akashic Brotherhood and was self-inducted into the Jnani faction. Raised by the Archimedean Point Cabal in a bubble of accelerated time, Bharat is a core member of the Adherents of Justice, a cabal led by Mira. Bharat is notable for the ease with which he can access and delve into the Akashic Record and a natural ability to separate his consciousness from his body to astral project..

As a thoughtful and mystically-inclined young man, Bharat has made an extensive study of both Western and Eastern religions, as well as associated academic and occult lore. He possesses a strong understanding of his past lives, and he is adept at both accessing information from his past lives as well as the Akashic Record. Bharat is also an accomplished practitioner of Do.

Magically, Bharat is reckoned a disciple of Mind (Meditation) and Spirit (Asceticism), a novice of Correspondence (Mandala), Matter (Crafts), and Prime (Chanting), and an initiate of Entropy (Drums) and Time (Mandala). Although he is only a disciple of Mind, Bharat possesses a natural ability which allows him to astral project as if he was an adept of Mind, and his astral form is more resilient than normal.

Bharat’s avatar, most definitely Primordial in nature, makes itself known to him as light and reflections in water, a barely present presence. His resonance is balanced between Dynamic, Entropy, and Static.


An Indian orphaned during the Week of Nightmares, Bharat’s life began in squalor and destruction but changed when he was adopted by the Archimedean Point Cabal. Raised into a bubble of accelerated time, Bharat has been raised communally and Awakened at the age of thirteen. Bharat was quiet and contemplative as a child, and he has grown into a thoughtful and spiritually-minded young man: while he is a monotheist, Bharat has made a broad study of Western and Eastern religions, as well as riddles and paradoxes, and his monotheism is one that includes all thinking beings as being part of one vast mind.

Within his cabal, Bharat attempts to serve as an unbiased arbiter between Mira and Magdalena, hearing both sides of a disagreement and attempting to ensure both sides are heard by others and properly expounded upon before a decision is made. This tendency puts distance between himself and his tradition-mates, Mira and Nuo, as Bharat often finds Magdalena’s arguments more rigourously thought through than Mira’s; however, when an issue is ethically-based he often agrees with Mira, as he finds Mira’s moral reasoning superior to Magdalena’s extreme practicality.

Current Activities:
Bharat is striking out with his cabal.


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