Cassandra Frost


Cassandra Frost is a member of the Adventurer faction of the Sons of Ether and a sponsor, along with Arthur Lethbridge, of Jupiter’s Forge, a multi-Tradition cabal which has aligned itself with the Emissaries and the Sphinx. Cassandra’s apprentice, Janet Wolf, is the nominal leader of Jupiter’s Forge. Popular rumour says that a few years before the Reckoning, Cassandra discovered a fountain of youth in Astral Space, accounting for a revitalized appearance. Since the Reckoning, Cassandra has confined many of her activities to Earth, and has even deigned to accept the position of interim Mesmer-Rhine Chair of Parapsychology.

The specifics of Cassandra’s abilities are unclear; however, she is known to possess mundane survival and combat skills, and an advanced understanding of mental and psychological phenomena. It is believed that Cassandra has revitalized herself through a fountain of youth, and if this is true she may now be immune to the effect of aging, paradox-free.

Magically, Cassandra is reckoned a master of the Mind and Prime spheres, an adept of the Spirit sphere, a disciple of the Life and Matter spheres, and a novice of the Correspondence, Entropy, Forces, and Time spheres.

Nothing is known of Cassandra’s avatar of resonance at the moment.


Many things have been said of Cassandra Frost: she’s explored the Hollow Earth, she’s reached the upper reaches of the Epiphamies, she’s snuck into the secret Umbral realms of the werewolves. It is highly suspected she tracked down a fountain of youth successfully, but little else can be verified of her adventures.

It is known that Cassandra noticed the promise of Janet Wolf and recruited her into the Etherites, teaching the young woman for several years before involving her in the formation of a new multi-Tradition cabal. Cassandra sponsored the new cabal along with her associate, Hermetic Master Arthur Lethbridge, and wished for the younger generation of mages to become more involved in the leadership of Traditionalist society.

Current Activities:
Cassandra is currently serving as the Mesmer-Rhine Chair of Parapsychology while sponsoring Jupiter’s Forge and exploring the mysteries of the Australian Outback.

Cassandra Frost

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