Catharine Simone Côté


Cat is the newest member of the Virtual Adepts in the Seattle area and is currently being mentored by … dam, um, you know the name escapes me.

Catharine is a disciple of the Correspondence and Mind spheres and a novice of the Matter sphere. Catharine was born gifted and has an IQ estimated in the top 99.99997th percentile (165-180).

Cat has no knowledge of her Avatar, she has half-heartedly voiced on occasion that she is skeptical that Avatars are anything besides superstition. Nolen Girard has suggested that Cat bears a striking resemblance to Émilie du Châtelet and that she is likely the Marquise reborn.


Born in Montreal, Quebec to highly luddite and traditional separatists, Cat moved briefly to New York, then on to Seattle. Cat’s skillz rapidly established her in the hacker counter culture, embracing its tenants and beliefs. Though she had maintained the separatists ideals of her parents, these were shed in favour of globalism. Though Cheshire (her online handle) at first used her talents to perpetuate her lifestyle, this new sense of world community entrenched in it’s counter culture origins lead to feelings of global responsibility. Her previous tactic of mercenarying her abilities had exposed her to the dark deeds of government and corporations. Now equipped with a conscience, Cheshire began what was at first a personal war with The Man. However, as her talents increased so did her online celebrity. Using this notoriety, Cheshire formed/joined a small but uniquely talented web citizen army. Applying the Cloud morality to the RL, these Weiß Moja allowed “the free flow of information across the Wild”. From war profiteering to illegal dumping Cheshire’s new community exposed the world sins for any who were willing to look. Their infamy would gain notice, many members were either arrested or commissioned for work. Cheshire herself has worked with three letter agencies in efforts to expose the crimes of another, leaving a wake of ally and enemy.

Current Activities:
Catharine lives on a pilfered, heavily warded yacht that despite four requests to be added to the map, the location is now lost and no one is certain where she has set up her BoO. Having learned of the Technocracy along with The New World Order; Cat, having joined the Virtual Adepts, feels more compelled to apply her “no more secrets” Cloud morality to the RL. She has created a wiki which despite repeated take down attempts serves to expose the world of the Supernatural to Sleepers and the Awake alike.

She also participates in various long term projects with Elen Wu and Rudolph Ulrick, these pursuits are often joined by other Mages and Ol’ White Shirt.

Catharine Simone Côté

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