Catherine Blass


Catherine is the Council Primus of the Virtual Adepts on the New Horizon Council and a highly respected member of the Reality Hacker faction. As well as having a great deal of renown within the Virtual Adepts, Catherine, or X-Cel as she is commonly known online, is highly regarded by the Cult of Ecstasy, Dreamspeakers, and Verbena. Since the gifting of the Tradition Blades back to the Traditions with the formation of the New Horizon Council, Catherine has been the holder of the Virtual Adept Tradition Blade.

Catherine has a great affinity for a wide-range of technology, not simply computers, and she is skilled enough to work with both Hypertech and Ethertech, as well as the Virtual Adepts’ own Anarchtech. As a performance artist, Catherine is skilled in many sorts of artistic expression and athletics, and as a vetvet she is a notable combatant among the ranks of the Virtual Adepts. Using ‘personality software,’ Catherine is able to shift her persona utterly at the level of her own thoughts, allowing her to analyze a situation outside of her own personality or to act, in-person or online, in a fashion that confounds personality profiles and psychology.

Magically, Catherine is recognized as an adept of the Correspondence and Mind spheres, a disciple of the Forces and Matter spheres, a novice of the Prime and Time spheres, and an initiate of the Entropy sphere.

Among Virtual Adept circles, Catherine has said her avatar is quite powerful and has a dual-nature as ‘Ix Chel’ and ‘Ixtab,’ which are life and death respectively. Performing the proper Adept functions on her common online handles, ‘X-Cel’ and ‘X-Tab,’ reveal her avatar to have a dynamic essence. Her resonance appears as Dynamic (Liberating, Passionate, Transforming, Whirling), Entropic (Chaotic, Jagged), and Static (Programmed).


Catherine’s early history is a confusing mix of contradictory information that even the NWO has been unable to sort out adequately; however, a trend running through all her supposed origins is a disruptive tendency to Technocrats or non-progressive forces. She first became definitively known in her early twenties and joined the Virtual Adepts as an already-Awakened mage, working as a performance artist known for her provocative and taboo-breaking acts. One of her more famous acts, titled “Rage on a Meathook,” was banned in Washington, D.C. (charged officially with obscenity, sexual solicitation, and slander) and involved Catherine wiring herself for sound and then having an audience volunteer flog her. Supposedly, her four-octave screams shattered video monitors and impressed Sleepers with the technological wizardry involved.

Catherine has continued her performance art, and it is believed that her acts are actually meticulously prepared ‘rituals’ that make use of the resonance of Sleepers to help pinpoint and strengthen otherwise hidden nodes, which are tagged for other Virtual Adepts to take control of. She serves as an information broker for Virtual Adepts, trading information for information when needed, and has amassed a great deal of secret knowledge since her initial appearance on the Traditions scene. Throughout her time with the Virtual Adepts, Catherine has made use of two handles, X-Cel and X-Tab, both based on Mayan goddesses: X-Cel is based upon the Mayan Moon goddess and is often gentle, protective, and merciful, garbed in the habit of a traditional Mexican nun, and during the rare times she commits violence, she does so by flooding someone with data; X-Tab is based upon the Mayan goddess of Suicide, tends to be rarely seen and extremely violent, and appears as a beautiful woman with blue-tinged skin and her tongue lolling out.

Catherine has known Mark Hallward Gillan for some time and Lee Ann Milner nearly as long. Since her initial involvement in Mark and Lee Ann’s cabal, she has clashed with Simon Pain, whom is scandalized by her, while she enjoys being her usual forward self around him simply to upset him. Her esteem in the Adept community and abilities made her an obvious choice to bring into the plan to defeat Jodi Blake, the Nephandic Archmage, and establish the New Horizon Council. Rumour has it that she previously had some sort of relationship with Mark, and possibly with Lee Ann as well, and rumours have sprung up since the inception of the New Horizon Council of possible dalliances the sexually-forward Adept has had with nearly every member of the Council.

Current Activities:
Catherine is serving as the Council Primus of the Virtual Adepts on the New Horizon Council.

Catherine Blass

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