Christoph Polanski


Christoph was a vampire and member of the Sabbat, a sect of vampires that oppose the Camarilla and believe that humans are their cattle. He was the administrator of Kindred Hospital and had several ghouls and revenants working for him. He was a member of the Tzimisce clan of vampires.

Beyond possessing the abilities of a vampire, Christoph was able to shape skin, organs, and bones to his whim. It was said he also had ability with mental control and mental wiping, but the extent of his skill is unknown. Victor stated that he likely requires soil from his native homeland to sleep upon.


Little is known of Christoph’s history, what is known is that he was Eastern European originally, and controlled Kindred Hospital, which he used for his own experimentation. He had dealings with Securex, a security company owned by Vincent, and had no known no dealings with other supernaturals of the city beyond his own ghouls and revenants.

Current Activities:
He is dead, slain by Victor and the newest cabal of Seattle.

Christoph Polanski

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