Dorian Pelletier


Dorian Pelletier is a member of the Red Spear Society of the Dreamspeakers and the appointed observer of the Emissaries to the New Horizon Council. Educated in law, Dorian acts as a representative of Aboriginal groups all over the world in lobbying or pressing charges against imperialistic governmental policies and transnational organizations that displace or disadvantage Aboriginals. Lately, he has gravitated towards more extreme forms of demonstrations against human rights abuses but has not yet moved into the realm of violent protest.

Highly educated in anthropology and law, Dorian offers a complex understanding of the legal system which both the Sleepers and Technocracy make use of. He is able to defend himself adequately, and has a wide ranging web of contacts around the globe.

Magically, very little is known of his magical style, which appears to be quite subtle. He likely possess Correspondence, Mind, Prime, and Spirit, but the levels to which he possesses these is unknown.

Nothing is known of Dorian’s avatar or resonance at the moment.


Dorian was raised in a Native American community and made use of the opportunities provided to him to acquire a law degree. Wishing to advocate for Native American peoples, and other Aboriginal peoples, Dorian became involved in several Non-Governmental Organizations, and he took advantage of networking to make contacts among many groups and Aboriginal societies.

Recently, with the rise of the Emissaries and several helpful tip-offs from the Sphinx on Syndicate shenanigans, Dorian has aligned himself with their overarching mission statement, though not all of their guerrilla tactics as of yet.

Current Activities:
Currently, he is acting as observer for the Emissaries on the New Horizon Council and continuing to fight injustices inflicted against Aboriginal peoples.

Dorian Pelletier

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