Edward Black


Edward is the “leader” of the Hollow Ones for the Seattle area and it’s only known awakened member, however it is thought other Hollow Ones exist.

Edward is an initiate in the Correspondence, Entropy, Forces, Life, Matter, Mind, Prime, Spirit, and Time spheres. It is known that he is a ghoul, someone empowered by drinking vampire blood, giving him enhanced strength and durability, as well as ceasing his aging process. He is known to be extremely perceptive and is able to hide himself reasonably by way of the awakened ability of Arcane.

Edward has claimed not to have an avatar when asked, a known fallacy from a literal standpoint, however it may not manifest to him or offer aid. When he has been seen performing magic, it has always come across as both highly Entropic and highly Static, the effect structured and destructive to other threads around it.


Edward has given little of his history to anyone, it is known at some point he came into the service of Victoria Valentine, a vampire, and possibly has recruited other people for her. It is unknown how old he is, given the discovery of his ghoul status, however it seems he is quite a bit older than he looks. He has been active in Seattle for at least the last decade.

Current Activities:
Edward previously was under the sway of a vampire, but that control was recently broken by the new cabal of the city. It is unknown what he has done with his freedom, but he is still at large.

Edward Black

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