Edward Gilmore


Edward is the Council Primus of the Order of Hermes on the New Horizon Council, and the only remaining Master of House Tytalus. A storied figure, Lord Gilmore is well-known in the Traditions and friendly with Senex, the Euthanatoic Archmage; after the fall of Mus to the Nephandi, Edward and the remaining Hermetics of the chantry found sanctuary on Cerberus. Edward is the last person to have seen Horizon before it was locked and all the portals severed, a precaution he took and has been circumspect on the details of. On the Council, Edward has the assistance of two attach├ęs: Ethan Maynard, an established adept of House Bonisagus and masassa expert that held the interim Council Primus position; and Meerlinda, a mage turned vampire and Primi of House Tremere that has only recently returned to the Order. Since the gifting of the Tradition Blades back to the Traditions with the formation of the New Horizon Council, Edward has been the holder of the Hermetic Tradition Blade.

The minutiae of Edward’s skills and abilities are not nearly as important as the broad strokes known by most Traditionalist: he has achieved mastery of both the Forces and Life spheres, has hundreds of years of experience as a mage, and is one of the most renowned warriors of the Traditions in modern memory.

Very little is known of Edward’s avatar; however, his resonance is known to be both highly Dynamic and Entropic, with a relatively small amount of Static interwoven.


This will be filled in later, but a major highlight is Edward’s taking of Mus from the Nephandi.

Current Activities:
Edward is serving as the Council Primus of the Order of Hermes on the New Horizon Council.

Edward Gilmore

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