Elen Wu


Elen is the newest member of the Verbena in the Seattle area and is currently be mentored by Rhea Maynard.

Elen is a disciple of the Life and Prime spheres, a novice of the Time sphere and an initiate of the Mind sphere. She also has a promising future in Integrated Medicine. Elen has displayed some changeling abilities including minor illusions.

Elen has indicated her avatar appears to her as Gullveig and takes on the role of mentor. She has referred to her avatar as “chatty” and believes it is Primordial in nature. Elen’s resonance is slightly dynamic. Her effects are energetic, they appear as though she is creating something from random pieces of reality or from nothing at all.


Elen was born in Baltimore, moving to Martha’s Vineyard with her father Dr. Charles Wu and her mother Siona Wu, when she was 6. Elen’s parents are high achievers and were determined to raise a wunderkind. She has always been a strong student and involved in a wide variety of extracurricular activities. Despite her rather regimented upbringing Elen’s nature was often gregarious, creative and eclectic bringing her into conflict with her parents on occasion.

Current Activities:
Elen is attending the University of Washington taking Pre-Med and Integrative Health. She is also working on a number of projects: Project Stormwarden, Project Slabby, City Exploration, Vermiculture business on an entropic Node in Seattle, participates in Cat’s wiki. Along with the rest of the Archemedean Point Cabal she has a 5 year plan: Year 1 Project One Seattle – mapping and uniting Seattle’s supernaturals – more or less completed, needs strengthening and maintaining, Year 2 Project Hell’s Comeuppance – investigating, redeeming and dealing with the Fallen Angel/Demon/Lucifer issues – have learned some basics, can kill earthbound and probably fallen permanently, Year 3 Project New Dawn – dealing with the Progenitors, Year 4 Project Vermiculture – seeing if the worm can be made less crazy, Year 5 Project Time Capsule – surviving global catastrophe. Elen is also working on buffing the group..

Elen Wu

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