Emerson Smith


Emerson serves as the host for the demon known as Sariel, recently arrived upon Earth from the Abyss. Sariel believes even after their time spent in the Abyss that Lucifer’s rebellion was correct and therefore has identified themselves as a Luciferan. During the rebellion, it is said that they were considered a Lammasu, or Defiler, a demonic house. Sariel claims to have been the angel in charge of the shape of the eye as well as it’s ability to convey emotion.

Sariel’s presence in Emerson has bestowed several abilities upon the host body granted, presumably to angels, and there demons as well. Due to the fact that angels served as the architects of reality, they do not fall prey to illusions or tricks of the senses easily, and while in their apocalyptic form, they can clearly see the pattern of reality and sense the odd abilities and presence of other Awakened beings; while in the form of their host, their perception of the pattern and Awakened beings is lessened, but still present. As the host body is already possessed by a powerful presence, it has been rendered immune to both the effects of possession by another being as well as any sort of mind control. Due to the demon’s presence within the host body, it has also become immune to disease, resistant to toxins, and will remain in good health. While the body does age, it will remain a paragon of it’s age group, retaining strength and vitality until it finally falls to the ravages of natural aging. The host body does not become more resistant to damage, however it more easily recovers from grievous harm than it would normally, and the possessing demon is able to cure the body’s wounds by using accrued faith. All of these abilities disappear with the absence of faith.

As long as the demon retains faith, it is also able to manifest is apocalyptic form, what remains of its angelic being, however this form becomes tainted with the demon’s own torment. When manifesting this form, Emerson changes into the form of Sariel, a supernaturally beautiful blonde woman with wings and striking violet eyes. The wings allow flight in this form and change colours dependent upon her torment. This form seems meant to elicit admiration and passion in mortals, beginning with innocence when torment is low, and inspiring increasing lust in onlookers as torment rises. This form also grants a preternatural sense of intuition, increased sense acuity, an enchanting voice, and an increased resilience to harm. While in this form, the demon’s nature as something transcendent and divine can not be ignored, and can evoke strong responses in the weak willed. Portions of this form can be evoked separately while remaining in the host’s natural body, but such a subtle change is more difficult than simply taking the apocalyptic form fully.

As well as these abilities, Sariel possesses what she can remember of the abilities she practiced as an angel, bending creation to achieve her goals. Amongst these abilities includes an advanced understanding of emotions in others, allowing her to easily read the emotions of other beings passively by their posture, body language, and most importantly their eyes. This ability easily allows her to respond to to the desires and expectations of whomever she deals with, unconsciously conducting herself in a way to come across as whatever she wants to be to others. She is also able to manipulate the nerves of anyone she touches, enhancing their senses and heightening sensations however she wishes.

Drawing upon her abilities as the shaper of eyes, she possesses several abilities related to changing herself and others, able to perfectly mimic the mannerisms and vocal patterns, as well as voice, of anyone she has spent a sufficient amount of time with. Sariel can also cosmetically change the features of herself and others, changing colours and tones and small features easily, or making more drastic changes, such as height, weight, and pronounced features with some time, expenditure of faith, and willful concentration.


Emerson was an aspiring actor and model that moved from New York to Seattle less than a year ago, in pursuit of local modeling opportunities. Jogging one day, he was involved in a freak accident that involved a technical glitch with the streetlights, resulting in his body coming to edge of death and suffering brain damage. During this time, the demon Sariel was drawn to the dying body and possessed it, spending a time integrating her memories with what remained of his own. The body was healed by Elen Wu, but Emerson had already been lost and only Sariel remained. Sariel remembers little of her own history, knowing that she once served the Creator as an angel, responsible for the shaping of eyes as well as their ability to convey emotion. She followed Lucifer and rebelled against her Creator, assisting in a war that ultimately led with the rebels losing and being cast into the Abyss, where they suffered excruciating personal torments. The seals of the Abyss have since begun to crack, and several demons, including Sariel, have escaped, drawn immediately to the bodies of weakened or dying mortals. The newest cabal of the city has since been befriended by Sariel, and they have assisted the cabal in dealing with an Earthbound demon, Mbwun.

Current Activities:
After recently helping deal with Mbwun, Sariel has continued to contact other demons and discover more of what has happened to allow them to escape and what various demons have begun to do since escaping. She is spending time with Gloria and her fellowship, and has begun to wonder if there is a way to look for Lucifer.

Emerson Smith

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