Emma Dodd


Dr Emma Dodd is a priestess of the Verbena and Deacon Primus of an unnamed coven in Berlin. She is also a member of what she has termed the ‘Red Sign Conspiracy’, a group of magi and vampires attempting to break the Curse of Caine.

Little is known of Emma’s capabilities, however she is reckoned an Adept within the Traditions, and it is known by the Archimedean Point cabal that she is offering advice upon the Life components of the ritual to remove the curse, suggesting she possesses the rank of adept in the Life sphere. Due to her focus upon blood, like many Verbena, she has already proven adept at rendering the blood of vampires inert for a time, as well as other blood curses. She has also studied traditional medicine and is an accomplished family doctor.

Nothing is known of Emma’s avatar or resonance at the moment.


Emma Dodd previously discovered strange blood disease and occurences of blood loss within the populous of Berlin. After tracking the illnesses back to vampires, she created several rituals to affect vampires that fed upon any of the enchanted vessels. Although this fact was not discovered by the vampiric authorities of Berlin, it was noticed by the Red Sign Conspiracy. She was approached and upon hearing of their goal, joined them to cure the vampiric disease from the world.

Current Activities:
Emma is continuing to work with the Red Sign Conspiracy, however she has suggested to the Archimedean Point cabal that not everyone within the conspiracy is part of it for good reasons, and that there may be Nephandic influence involved.

Emma Dodd

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