Gabriel Mancini


Gabriel Mancini is a member of the Celestial Chorus for the Seattle area and one of two Awakened members, the other being Gloria Bryant. He is recently arrived to the city, as well as to his own Tradition and the Traditions in general, and is serving as a Sentinel for the Queen Anne Chantry.

After some explanation and neccessary translation of concepts, it appears Gabriel is a disciple of Forces and Prime, a novice of Correspondence, Entropy and Life, and an initiate of Matter, Mind, Spirit and Time. He is accomplished in the Awakened ability of Arcane and has spoken of extensive martial training. The sword he carries is made of ‘Primium’, a rare substance used by mages of the past to forge nigh-indestructible weapons and armour. His faith in God is sufficient that he can perform minor protective feats and miracles without requiring magic.

At this time nothing has been said of Gabriel’s avatar. His resonance has not yet been closely observed, however it does not seem grossly slanted towards any one extreme.


It is known that Gabriel was previously a member of the Craft known as the Poor Knights of the Temple of Solomon or Knights Templar. He has recently come with many of his fellow Knights back to the Celestial Chorus, an organization they split from around the time of the formation of the Order of Reason. He was sent to Seattle by the Grandmaster of the Knights Templar and the Curia of the Celestial Chorus to guard Gloria Bryant, a rising star among the Choristers who brokered the return of the Knights Templar to the Chorus. He has since been asked to guard the Queen Anne Chantry of Seattle, told by Gloria that he may assist her safety by assuring the safety of the city.

Current Activities:
Gabriel is currently serving as the Sentinel of the Queen Anne Chantry and protector of Glora Bryant, Deacon Primus of the aforementioned chantry.

Gabriel Mancini

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