Gloria Bryant


Gloria Bryant, also known as Pontifex Maximus Harmonia I of the Celestial Chorus, is the only active Justice of the Traditions, leader of the Celestial Chorus for the Seattle area, and the transitionary mentor for Gabriel Mancini. She also serves as Deacon Primus for Seattle, controlling and owning the public chantry, the Queen Anne Chantry, and leading the local Council of Nine Traditions. She is a member of the Monist faction of the Celestial Chorus and leads a like-minded fellowship of Sleepers on the university campus.

Gloria is a master of the Prime (Singing) sphere, an adept of the Mind (Incense) sphere, a novice of the Entropy (Discussion) and Spirit (Bells) spheres, and an initiate of the Life (Water) sphere. She has natural aptitude at astral travel and projection, and it is known she possesses a very powerful avatar. Her faith in the One and Prime is such that she can perform miracles via it and bless protective icons.

Gloria has previously stated her avatar appears to her as the glory of the One and Prime. A warm, comforting light that envelops her in moments of worry and doubt, and helps her to clear her mind. Although preferring not to place a label upon her Avatar, she does believe it falls within the realm of a Primordial essence. Her resonance appears to be a subtle mixture of Dyanmic, Entropic, and Static, both with a curious tendency towards illumination, either pulsing or steady depending upon the individual effect.


Gloria has always lived in the Seattle area and was raised by a local Chorister, now deceased due to old age. She was given to the Celestial Chorus as an infant, both her parents were awakened Choristers that died during earlier clashes of the Ascension War. Politically and philosophically she broke from her Abrahamic guardian shortly after her first Seeking at the age of thirteen, but maintained a close relationship personally with them until their death a few years ago. Entering into university when she was seventeen, Gloria excelled in both Philosophy and Theology, establishing her own fellowship within the university with a house on campus. After a short sabbatical after the death of her guardian, she returned to Seattle and began pursuing her PhD.

Current Activities:
Gloria’s time is currently split in several directions: she has recently assumed the mantle of Pontifex Maximus Harmonia I of the Celestial Chorus; she serves as the only active Justice of the Traditions; and she continues to hold a leadership position at the Queen Anne Chantry, as well as among the local Choristers of Seattle and her own fellowship.

Gloria Bryant

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