Hiram Morris


Hiram has only recently Awakened due to the ravages of the Avatar Storm, and he quickly chose to become a member of the Celestial Chorus. Since his induction into the Chorus, Hiram has joined the Alexandrian Society, a faction of the Celestial Chorus.

Little is known of Hiram’s magical abilities at this point; however, as a former army engineer, he is quite comfortable with machinery and electronics of all sorts.

Nothing is known of Hiram’s avatar or resonance at this point.


Hiram served in the Army Corps as an engineer for much of his life, and at some point he married and later became a widower. While watching a re-run of MASH, the Avatar Storm was loosed upon an apartment building and Hiram was struck by it. Although the event was reversed using Time magic, Hiram’s Awakening temporarily placed him within a temporal ward which prevented the reversal of his own Awakening. Since that time he has been guided into magic by Gloria and the Celestial Chorus, and has joined the Alexandrian Society.

Current Activities:
Hiram is currently tinkering with various inventions and regularly attending functions at his local church.

Hiram Morris

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