Hope Lambert


Hope has lived an interesting life thus far: born of a thin-blooded vampire, marked as a potential Last Daughter of Eve, Awakened as an avatar of Lilith, recipient of Holy Union, and devourer of Lilith. Since her willing merger with Lilith, Hope remains much as she was, a plucky mage that has recently entered adulthood; however, her bearing and confidence has begun to reflect those parts of her affected by Lilith.

Hope once possessed the abilities of a revenant, a mortal akin to a ghoul except that they produce their own, weaker form of vampiric vitae. This allowed her to increase her body’s capabilities to the peak of human levels as well as express disciplines like a vampire that put her abilities into the superhuman.

Hope was Awakened by shards of the Avatar Storm as a mage, joined the Verbena, showing interest in the Lifeweaver faction, and has since received Holy Union and merged with Lilith. Her sphere knowledge is impressive; currently, Hope is reckoned a master of the Life (Blood), Mind (Self), Prime (Gestures), and Spirit (Transcendent States) spheres, a disciple of the Forces (Strong Emotions) sphere, and a novice of the Correspondence (Reflections), Entropy (Vocalization), and Telos (Language) spheres. Both due to her Awakening by the Avatar Storm and Holy Union, Hope is a Stormwarden.

Hope’s avatar was previously a mix of voices and images at the edge of her perception of the dynamic essence; however, since her merger with Lilith, Hope’s avatar has become Lilith, an extremely powerful and imminent force in her life. Most oddly, Hope’s merger with Lilith brought about a shift in avatar essence type, from dynamic to primordial. Her resonance has grown with recent events, but is still balanced: Dynamic (Quick, Vital, Passionate), Entropic (Vengeful, Haunted, Renewing), Static (Resilient, Flawless, Earthy).


At the moment all that is known about Hope is that she was born to her mother, a thin-blooded vampire, as the results of rape. She lives comfortably with her mother when she is not active with the Archimedean Point Cabal, and she recently became a mage while saving the life of Lord Edward Gilmore. Also, she recently received Holy Union and merged with Lilith.

Current Activities:
Hope is currently helping protect her mother and is a member of the Archimedean Point Cabal.

Hope Lambert

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