Israel Arcella


Israel Arcella, proprietor of the Inner Circle Bookshop, suffered a stroke and became inhabited by Meonenim, a Fallen which was happy to continue Israel’s current life and business with only minor adjustment. Meonenim has begun to build a cult of the goth girls and other female occult seekers which enter Israel’s shop, but otherwise the shop continues on as ever. Recently, Meonenim was approached by Thelxipeia and asked to recognize her claim as Tyrant of Downtown Los Angeles: he accepted, and was given the position of Most Vigilant Watcher of the Ministry of Eagles within her court. To facilitate travel between Los Angeles and Seattle for Sariel, Israel has established a permanent portal in his shop which connects to the back room of Aurora Golden’s private reading room, The Order.

As the one charged with acquiring secrets and knowing the generally unknowable, Meonenim is known to possess abilities to perceive patterns, fate, luck, the past, and the future. The portal in his shop was also established by his own abilities, showing an advanced ability to manipulate space and connections. As a Fallen inhabiting Israel’s form, Meonenim also possesses the abilities of all Fallen.


Israel’s history before his fateful stroke is quite uninteresting: he opened the Inner Circle Bookshop decades ago and has quietly run the business himself the entire time. After the stroke, Meonenim took over where Israel left off with the one difference of the slow building of a cult. His support of Thelxipeia, and ascension to Most Vigilant Watcher, is the only thing of note that has happened to Israel or Meonenim in Los Angeles.

Current Activities:
Meonenim is continuing to run his shop and build his cult.

Israel Arcella

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