Jakub Bartos


Jakub is a member of the Ethernaut faction of the Sons of Ether and one of the primary researchers involved with Project Stormwarden. With the help of other Project Stormwarden researchers, Jakub has discovered several methods of easing travel between Earth and the Umbrae, and he has also helped to track the movements of several known Sendings passing through the Gauntlet.

Not much is known of Jakub’s abilities; however, he has shown scientific skill as expected of any Etherite, and is at least a novice of the Spirit sphere.

Nothing is known of Jakub’s avatar or resonance at the moment.


Other than the fact that Jakub has spent most of his time since the Reckoning travelling the world and studying the Avatar Storm, nothing is known of him.

Current Activities:
Jakub is continuing to study the Avatar Storm and research in affiliation with Project Stormwarden.

Jakub Bartos

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