Jane Smith


Jane Smith is a member of the Dreamspeakers that resides in Victoria, B.C. and is part of an unnamed cabal that is based out of the same city. She is a member of the Ghost-Wheel Society within her own Tradition and appears to be aligned with The Sphinx.

Beyond the fact that she is likely a disciple of Spirit (as noticed by Rudy Ulrick), nothing else is known of Jane’s abilities.

Nothing is known Jane’s avatar, nor her resonance.


Jane is a vetvet that has continued the fight against the Technocracy and the enemies of the Tradition. Some time ago, her cabal was contacted by The Sphinx, and has conducted two mission on behalf of it. One mission saved a newly Awakened mage from capture by the Technocracy, while the second was conducted in Seattle and ended with the destruction of a Technocratic Construct.

Current Activities:
Jane is currently returning to Victoria and likely continuing the fight against the Technocracy.

Jane Smith

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