Janet Wolf


Janet Wolf is a grudging member of the Adventurer faction of the Sons of Ether and the nominal leader of Jupiter’s Forge; although, Alexei DesJean serves as the ideological center of the cabal. Before being placed in Jupiter’s Forge by Cassandra Frost, Janet served as the apprentice of the Etherite Master directly for a number of years. Her cabal, supported by both Doctor Frost and Arthur Lethbridge, is proudly multi-Tradition in its membership and meant to be a sign of the changing times for other mages.

A brilliant inventor, and trained directly by one of the few remaining Etherite Masters, Janet is quite well-versed in scientific and Ethertech theories. Although she can recognize other forms of hypertech, her adventuring career with Doctor Frost has given her a keener eye for noticing and understanding strange mystical and occult phenomena and how they can be harnessed for scientific purposes.

Relying primarily on gadgets and inventions, it is hard to tell exactly what magical abilities Janet Wolf has.

Nothing is known about Janet’s avatar or resonance at the moment.


Janet was Awakened for some time as a teenager, inventing various gadgets in her workshop; although, she only came to be known to the Awakened community after she invented a pair of anti-grav boots which allowed her to jump 500 feet. Unfortunately, she overshot quite a bit in her jump and two broken legs were the result. While she was in hospital, Janet was visited by Doctor Frost and inducted into the Sons of Ether.

Wanting to learn more, she agreed to apprentice to Doctor Frost, and while still on crutches, began globetrotting with the eccentric Etherite Master, fighting off mystical curses, mummies, and evil spirits. After a number of terrifying near-death experiences and several major injuries, Janet told Doctor Frost she was sick of adventuring. Doctor Frost suggested Janet join a new cabal that she was sponsoring along with Hermetic Master Arthur Lethbridge, and she accepted.

Since joining the cabal, she has become its thoughtful and likable leader, in contrast to Alexei DesJean, its firebrand ideologicaly center. A number of good tip-offs and Alexei’s influence have driven the cabal, at some point named Jupiter’s Forge, into the arms of the Emissaries. While Janet does not agree with all of the methods of the Emissaries, she does accept they have done quite a bit of good in the world, and thus has moved the cabal from its prior home to the Mount Oyama Chantry.

Current Activities:
Janet is currently leading her cabal in their efforts working with the Emissaries.

Janet Wolf

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