Jean-Paul Joreau


Jean-Paul Joreau is one of the few surviving Masters of the Order of Hermes and a member of House Tytalus. He, along with his niece Sabine, run the Temple of Red, a Hermetic chantry in the French countryside.

The details of Jean-Paul’s abilities are unknown, however as he is a Magister Scholae within the Order of Hermes, he must be a master of one sphere and an adept of two other spheres. It is known that, contrary to his Tradition’s or his House’s specialty, he is a master of Prime magic.

Nothing is known of Jean-Paul’s avatar or resonance.


Beyond his long tenure as the Deacon Primus of the Temple of Red, little else is immediately known of Jean-Paul’s history. It is known that he raised his niece, Sabine, after her parents died mountain-climbing. He was not in Horizon during the Concordia War and he was in his Earthly chantry when the Avatar Storm began to rage in the spirit worlds.

Current Activities:
The Temple of Red, and by extension Jean-Paul, will be offering Quintessence stockpiles and artifacts to the war effort against House Tremere.

Jean-Paul Joreau

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