Joyce Allen


Joyce Allen was an affluent housewife that was disinterested with the world, and she sought to replace meaning in the world with self-medication. A lethal cocktail of barbiturates and alcohol led to Joyce’s death, and it is then that she was inhabited by Yigal. The Fallen saw potential in humanity which Joyce had become blind to years ago, and Yigal pursued active involvement in NGOs and charities while pushing the career of Joyce’s husband to the national stage, all in a bid to improve the lot of humanity. When Thelxipeia declared herself Tyrant of Downtown Los Angeles, Yigal chose to recognize the new Tyrant and was subsequently asked to be the Speaker of the Fallen Tower of the Ministry of Dust for the Infernal Court of Downtown Los Angeles, which she accepted.

Beyond the fact that she possesses the abilities expected of a human body inhabited by a Fallen, very little is known of Yigal’s abilities. It is rumoured that she possesses a form of mastery over dead spirits and the ability to enter the realm of the dead bodily.


Joyce was once a caring university student with dreams of helping out the poor and destitute of the world, but at some point that all went wrong. For whatever reason, she left university and married into an affluent family, living the life of a lonely and increasingly isolated housewife. Loneliness and isolation bred a disinterest in the outside world and projects of any sort, and Joyce took to self-medicating herself to pass the time. Purposeful or not, Joyce’s life ended when she mixed too many barbiturates with too much alcohol: that is when Yigal inhabited her form.

Yigal has seen Joyce’s dreams with new eyes, and has seemingly reinvigorated Joyce’s philanthropic spirit. Since Yigal inhabited Joyce’s form, she has pushed Joyce’s husband onto the national political stage and become active in several NGOs and charities in the Los Angeles area. When Thelxipeia declared herself Tyrant of Downtown Los Angeles, Yigal recognized the claim and became the Minister of Dust for the court, taking on the ultimate charitable position of becoming a voice and protector of humanity amongst the Fallen.

Current Activities:
Yigal is quite active as a philanthropist and within the Infernal Court of Downtown Los Angeles in her role as the Speaker of the Fallen Tower.

Joyce Allen

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