Kairos Williams


Kairos is the leader of the Euthanatos for the Seattle area and its only awakened member found in the city. He is a member of the Knights of Radamanthys faction of the Euthanatos.

Kairos is a disciple of the Entropy (Coins) and Forces (Weapons) spheres, a novice of the Life (Blood), Prime (Sex), Spirit (Keys) and Time (Wheel) spheres, and an initiate of the Mind (Meditation) sphere. He is known to be a crackshot with a pistol and trained in many styles of combat.

Kairos’ avatar appears to him as one of the Furies, a beautiful, veiled Greek woman with black feathered wings. She drives him to punish the wicked mercilessly, promising greater understanding of himself and his failings through it. He is quite certain his avatar is Primordial in nature, stating she is quite the cliche, although she is attractive enough he doesn’t call her on it. His resonance appears to temper the desires of his avatar, strongly Entropic with a subtle shape to it, twisting upon the Tapestry lightly in several places to achieve a catastrophic, but often coincedental, effect.


Kairos arrived in Seattle more recently than most mages, only coming to the city eight months ago. He is a known veteran of the Ascension War, and was lucky enough to be trapped upon this side of the Gauntlet when the Avatar Storm made travel to the Umbra nearly impossible for many of the Awakened. His doings before his arrival in Seattle are vague, however it has been guessed he served mainly in the role of an assassin used against the Technocracy.

Current Activities:
Kairos is known for keeping to himself, however he recently helped to form a plan to deal with Kindred Hospital, resulting in the mages blowing up the building.

Kairos Williams

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