Kamilla Lee


Kamilla Lee is a local artist and model that is inhabited by the fae soul of Seren ap Eiluned, a Sidhe and nominal member of the Unseelie Court. She is also the duly appointed Duchess of the Seattle area, styled as the Duchess of Oz. She rules from Seattle, also known as the Emerald City, and has already appointed Elen Wu to administrate the lands west of Seattle proper.

Kamilla possesses the abilities of all changelings, or fae, allowing her to perceive and interact with the Dreaming and sometimes other areas of the High Umbra. She is able to pass this perception on to others by ‘enchanting’ them, and is able to feed off of the ‘glamour’ produced by artists and their artworks. Like all Sidhe, when she reveals her ‘Seeming’ to people (her faerie appearance) she appears to have an otherworldly beauty and can cow people purely by her presence.

More academically and occult inclined than others of her kind, Kamilla practices several rare abilities among changelings, including the craft and changing of true names and the manipulation of the Dreaming and High Umbra. She also possess the ability to dampen interest in an area or location and can perform simple telekinetic feats.

Although not strictly an ability, Kamilla does possess a pet dragon that protects her domain and premise, which is often seen with her. Able to shrink down to a size to perch upon her shoulder, or expand itself to an impressive length of several hundred feet, this dragon serves as a powerful guardian for the Duchess.


Nothing is known of Kamilla’s history other than that at some point previously she was appointed as Duchess of Oz at the suggestion of High King David and received the acceptance of Queen Aeron ap Fiona.

Current Activities:
Kamilla is currently administrating her duchy and appointing various Kinain and Kithain to positions within her lands.

Kamilla Lee

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