Katie LeGrew


Katie is an Orphan that was awakened by the Nephandus Alfred Monroe by passing through the Avatar Storm repeatedly in a ritualized fashion. She has chosen no Tradition and she is currently being raised by Kairos Williams.

Although not a Nephandus herself, Katie was trained by one and has tended towards the more destructive of magics thusfar. She is a novice of the Entropy, Prime and Spirit spheres and an initiate of the Forces, Life and Mind spheres. Due to her unique ritualized awakening, Katie possesses several rare abilities among mages, including: the ability for her avatar to manifest in a physical object, the ability to slip through a weak point in the Gauntlet, the ability to weaken the Gauntlet until a Shallowing is created, the ability to defend herself from the Avatar Storm, the ability to naturally see into the Penumbra and the ability to see into and enter the Dark Umbra.

Katie’s avatar generally manifests itself via her teddy bear and has been very outspoken that it does not wish to be corrupted by her. Her resonance is moderately Entropic and takes quite naturally to destruction.


Little is known of Katie’s early history, however the last year has been highly publicized among the mages of Seattle. After her parents were turned into fomori, she was given over to Alfred Monroe whom ritually awakened her via methods including torture and rape. Throughout this all, Katie developed a desire to see through the Nephandic goals of her ‘mentor’ and believes that destruction of the cosmos is a logical goal. It has been stated that she was chosen and awakened for a specific reason and her Nephandus mentor wished her to challenge an Archmage named Voormas. After being rescued by the Archimedean Point Cabal she was given over to Kairos to be raised and trained.

Current Activities:
She is currently being raised as a little girl and not an infernal creation of ultimate destruction.

Katie LeGrew

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