Keely Kyle


Keely is an Ananasi, were-spider, and presumedly the only one to be found in Seattle. She is a Myrmidon, a warrior amongst her kind, and is member of the Tenere faction, those who serve the original interests of the Weaver. Above all things, she serves Queen Ananasa, her totem, and the totem of all Ananasi.

Keely possesses many forms into which she can shapeshift, including her human form, a Lilian form that resembles her human upper torso atop a large spider-like body, a Pithus form which is that of a giant spider the size of a small car, and a Crawlerling form where she becomes a mass of regular spiders that can separate. While in her Crawlerling form, these spiders can slip through the threads of the tapestry, allowing her to move between Earth and the Umbra. She is able to shift her gender between male and female by breaking down to her Crawlerling form and then reassembling herself.

She possesses several gifts given to her by Queen Ananasa, including an ability to wipe a person’s mind of the last twenty minutes of their life, ask spirits to open any lock in her way, and have both people and monitoring devices remain ignorant of her presence as long as she is unmoving. In any of her forms, she is able to temporarily boost her strength to superhuman levels, and she is able to inject venom with a bite that will poison living beings or an alternate venom that will put any being to sleep, regardless of it’s usual immunity to poisons.

As all Ananasi, Keely must feed off of living beings, taking their blood to power many of her gifts as well as her superhuman strength. Her bite, when she drinks, causes a feeling of ecstasy in the creature being fed off of, with only those of the strongest of wills able to do anything but enjoy the feelings they are assailed with. This curious dietary requirement makes her a natural predator, something that can be felt in sensitive creatures when they see her, causing both a sense of fear and exhilaration. Seemingly to assist in their feeding, all Ananasi give off pheromones to make them more attractive to their prey.

As she is a being that is partially spiritual in nature, Keely has a natural ability with a specific type of linear magic based around spirits, asking them to assist her in a variety of ways or calling upon previous compacts and loopholes created in reality by powerful spirits. As Queen Ananasa is a matron of wisdom and knowledge, Keely possesses a great deal of knowledge of the occult and other Awakened beings. She also holds a node of moderate power in the city, seemingly unnoticed by anyone but the newest cabal of the city.


Keely has offered none of her own history; she lives in Seattle, she was not born in Seattle, and she does some modeling and acting, this is all that is know of her.

Current Activities:
Recently she was seen studying Roland Lucas, a vampire that controls the mayor of Seattle.

Keely Kyle

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