Lee Ann Milner


Lee Ann is the Council Primus of the Cult of Ecstasy on the New Horizon Council. She is a member of the Joybringer faction of the Cult and an ardent supporter of the Code of Ananda. She is well-known and well-liked among the other Traditions, and can claim to be a ‘friend of a friend’ of the vast majority of mages left on Earth since the Reckoning.

Lee Ann’s abilities tend towards the social: she is likeable, approachable, attractive, able to speak her mind, persuasive when she cares to be, and friendly to nearly everyone she meets. Her strong focus on friendships outside of her Tradition, as well as within, and mentoring of younger magi, has created an impressive network of contacts and informants she can call upon. Her personability and attractiveness ensure that whenever she cares to be noticed, she will be; however, her strong ability with Arcane ensures her anonymity when she cares to have it.

Magically, Lee Ann’s talents are well-known due to the sheer number of magi she has trained in some capacity. She is known to be a disciple of Entropy and Time; a novice of Correspondence, Forces, Life, and Prime; and an initiate of Matter, Mind, and Spirit. It is further known that, although Lee Ann has only attained disciple-level spheres at this point, she has successfully completed four Seekings since her Awakening.

Lee Ann has said surprisingly little on the precise nature of her Avatar to her many students; however, varying reports would suggest her Avatar is Primordial in nature, and has some connection to ancient songs and prayers. Although her Avatar used to speak to her directly, a change occurred as Lee Ann was crossing the Gauntlet just as the Avatar Storm first struck. She survived the ordeal, but was in Quiet for some time afterwards, and since that time her Avatar no longer seems as distinct to her, but now seems to reveal itself exclusively through her own instincts and actions.


Lee Ann’s early life is well-known and tragic: she was born to an army officer and his wife on a military base, which blended together with the many other military bases she saw throughout her younger years. Her father was physically and emotionally abusive, and by the time Lee Ann was sixteen, her father’s battery had progressed into rape. When Lee Ann’s mother discovered what was going on, she kicked Lee Ann out of the house, where she fell into substance abuse and prostitution.

An Ecstatic met her on the streets and helped her in dealing with her self-destructive behaviour. She experienced the Awakening while detoxing and joined the Cult shortly afterwards, but has never returned to any sort of drug use. Since she completed her Ecstatic training, she met up with her long-term romantic partner, a Virtual Adept named Ryan, and formed a cabal with him and an Euthanatoi. This first cabal served to find young magi and shuffle them along to appropriate mentors, and she still works with them when she comes across young magi in need of guidance.

More recently, she joined with a larger cabal including Mark Hallward Gillan, Simon Pain, Catherine Blass, and others, that was seeking the establishment of a New Horizon Council and the defeat of Jodi Blake, a Nephandus and Archmaster. She has found herself currently in a fling with Mark Hallward Gillan, and the two have served as the leadership of this new cabal. Rumours further place her as a party to a previous relationship with Catherine Blass, or even a previous or current relationship with both Mark Hallward Gillan and Catherine Blass, but that may simply be unfair Ecstatic stereotyping. With the recent success of both key objectives in Los Angeles, Lee Ann became first the interim and then permanent Council Primus of the Cult of Ecstasy on the New Horizon Council.

Current Activities:
Lee Ann is serving as the Council Primus of the Cult of Ecstasy on the New Horizon Council, and trying to find common ground between the Council and the Emissaries.

Lee Ann Milner

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