Liliana Castillo


Liliana is known to have been highly placed within the Camarilla before she joined with her friend Victoria in rebelling. She controls the second largest banking and holdings consortium to be found in Seattle, and is well connected with businessmen throughout the city.

Beyond being a vampire, Liliana is know to possess several abilities including the capability to move with blinding speed, able to move fast enough to easily dodge bullets and other fast moving projectiles. She is able to hide her presence when remaining still, and can see in utter darkness by making her eyes glow. She can change her hands into claws that allow her to do damage directly to a person’s pattern, and is highly resistant to mundane damage herself. She is also able to compel people with short, simple instructions, people following them as soon as the order is given. With time, more complex orders can be embedded into the mind of others and she is able to wipe memories from a person’s mind. She also expresses some ability with playing upon the emotions of others, allowing her to make herself the point of interest in a room or bring paralyzing, supernatural fear upon a subject. Most disturbingly, on top of her abilities, she is highly resistant to magical effects of any type.


Little is known of Liliana’s history at this time; it is known that she arrived in Seattle about a decade ago with her friend Victoria, already had interests within the city, and until recently has served as a Camarilla member. She is younger than Victoria, but still over a century in age, and she has recently joined her friend in joining the Anarchs and rebelling against the Camarilla. She previously frequented the club Fangtasia and was popular with blood dolls there.

Current Activities:
Currently a member of the Anarchs, rebelling against the Camarilla.

Liliana Castillo

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