Lucas Diaz


Lucas was born in Brazil in a monastery He was raised in a tradition of introspection, metaphysical debate and meditation, which he never took to particularly well. While they met with some frustration at Lucas’ lack of aptitude at the more docile aspects of Akashic dogma, the Brotherhood did find some success in teaching Lucas inner focus through physical achievement. In his 16th year at the monastery he Awakened. At this point the Brotherhood redoubled their efforts at instructing Lucas in the metaphysical aspects of their dogma, but he persisted at excelling in primarily physical areas. This did not inspire confidence in the Brothers, and they attempted to slow down his teachings in Do in hopes the new idle time this provided Lucas would give him a chance to explore meditation and introspection. These efforts met with some frustration, as Lucas instead spent his new found free time exercising his body and preparing himself for his coming lessons, and by the time he was 20 he had equaled the martial prowess of the most skilled instructor in the monastery. After a long and very sheltered life in the monastery Lucas was sent to a friend of the monastery in Seattle when the Wu Lung began to move into South America.

Lucas is exceptionally skilled at physical feats and the martial arts. He is most notably gifted in terms of stamina and endurance. He has never had a particular aptitude for metaphysical concepts, but meeting the Archimedian Point Cabal his exposure to alternate viewpoints has helped him accelerate his understanding of the fluidity of reality. His time with the APC has allowed him to quickly attain the level of Disciple in Life and Prime, Novice in Correspondence and Forces, and Initiate in Mind.

Lucas has very weak Dynamic and Static resonance, and an avatar which seems intent on setting him on what it deems to be his path in life.


Lucas Diaz

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