Rudy Ulrick


Rudy is an initiate to the Dreamspeaker Tradition and core member of the Archamedes point cabal in Seattle. Although Dreamspeakers seemed like an odd choice to those who knew him, and himself, he claims his joining was a combination of his pushy Avatar and his past lives. Since then however he has acclimatized new his tradition and is now pushing beyond the basic levels of understanding it, to incorporating the teachings to his everyday beliefs.

Additionally Rudy is independantly wealthy, which leads to him having a lot of free time on his hands towards devoting towards the cabal or the magic arts.

Rudy is an Disciple in Spirit (Alcohol), a Disciple in both the Entropy(Ink), while a novice in the Prime(Water) and an initiate in Mind (Vocalization) spheres of magic. Rudy also possesses several rare non-mage related abilities. Chief among them is that Rudy is a Stormwarden with the capability of protecting others from the avatar storm. He also is a natural channel, when combined with being a Stormwarden allows for the Archamedes point cabal extremely easy and convenient access to the Umbra. Beyond his umbral abilities, Rudy does express some knowledge of past lives, although to what extent is unknown.

Also Rudy has a pact with a totem animal nammed Ehnita and also claims minor squatter rights for node on the umbral side of the tradition chantry. Rudy is also often found with multiple enchantments on, mostly entropic or prime related.

Rudy’s Avatar has never manifested in a particular form, but rather in the guises of people and archtypes he knows. So his Avatars appearance and even its name is a mystery to even him. What is known is that the Avatar is extremely pushy, and that he percieves it to be some type of benevolant scientist at its nature. Rudy, since awakening has even adopted some of his Avatar’s traits, not neccissarily in being pushy, but rather by keeping focused on the task on hand and his ultimate goals.

His resonance is definitively Static and Entropic on first appearances. However it can be harder to pick up on at times as it is subtle. However when it is picked up it reflects its mage by relying on causality while having an air of inquiry about it. On its darker side when heavier entropic forces are used, often times there is a definite eroding atmosphere about it.


Rudy Ulrick

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