Plot Threads

*This page exists to track ongoing plot threads, as according to the group

Seattle related plot threads:
Local relations:
-An attempt by the Archemedes Point Cabal to obtain better relations with all or most supernaturals within Seattle. This is being done for a safer Seattle and in hopes of setting a required precedent to help avoid the great upcoming catastrophe.
-Involved: Archemedes Point Cabal Members(APCM).

Mapping the city:
-An attempt by the PC’s to learn more about the city of Seattle, from the areas of note to its supernatural residents.
-Involved: APCM.

-The Archemedean Point Cabal members have been trying to put forward a purchase towards a plot of land that posseses an Entropic node. Contacts of the previous land owner have been trying to purchase the land, while the Archemedean point Cabal in tandum with Nolen and Riki Yang have put forward a vermiculture center on that plot of land.
-Involved: APCM, Riki Yang, Nolen Girard, Clan Tzimitze

Abyssal Anna:
-The Archemedean Point Cabal memers have recently met with a Vampire who seems more tolerable than most. After a long talk, several vampire related revelations, recieving a book containing a part of a ritual they parted ways with a conception of future deals and negotiations (of note, having her help with Rene’s connections).
-Involved: APCM

Ritual of the Red Sign; Oxford Edition:
The Archemedes Point Cabal has recieved part of a ritual that calls upon the power of the red star. They are currently investingating the ritual itself and ways to obtain the complete version, including intercepting a portion from falling into the hands of one who is wyrm-tainted. They have encountered a Verbena Doctor and a Hermetic both separately interested in collecting the books and aware of our involvement to date. They have alerted us to the fact that Nephandi, Mages, Vampires and Technocrats all have interest in this ritual.
-Involved: APCM

Cat’s Wiki:
Cat has made a wiki involving general knowledge of several classes of supernaturals to specific knowledge of several supernaturals in Seattle. With few exceptions everytime someone posts on that site their likelyhood of dying increases by a percentile.
-Involved: Cat, Witness01, Prometheus, APCM

Vampiric Victoria:
A Vampire caught up in most of the vampiric affairs in Seattle, Sister to Victor who is currently hunting her.
-Involved: Victoria, Victor, Vampires of Seattle.

Mages Hunted:
The Inquisition is currently hunting several mages in Seattle, no casualties on either end yet.
-Involved: Inquisition, Mages

Is she a Vampire?:
Discovered a regular human who is the daughter of a Vampire, little more information at this time.
-Involved: Vampires, Hope

Storm Awakenings:
Discovered that unawakened people who go through the Avatar storm have begun awakening. Melissa has mentioned that since going through the storm she has had odd nightmares. It is highly likely that she may be awakening.
-Involved: APCM, Melissa

Rudy vs. House Tremere
Rudy successfully stole (with Cat’s assistance), before a member of house Tremere obtained it.
-Involved: Rudy, Cat, Tremere

Vampire Park
Found a park that had a ‘pecking order’ of a predatory nature. Upon investigation it appears that there was a vampiric influence of the city.
-Involved: ???

Umbral related plot threads:
Rene/Slabby/(never to be referred to as Mbuwn)
-Kidnapped the demon Mbwun from its frathouse cult following and destroyed it’s statue to trap it within a specially created body (created by Elen and Rhea). Memories have been implanted and Rene (a renammed version of Mbwun) is still unconcious within that body within the umbra. Currently guarded by a comfort spirit(Cottage) and Ehnita, the cabal is searching for methods to destroy or hinder the connections between Rene and his former followers to help lessen Rene’s torment.
-Involved: APCM, Emerson, Rene, Various Seattle Mages, Frat guys.

Nature of the Storm
-An investigation into the cause and the nature of the Avatar storm, as well as finding possible solutions for mages attempting to cross unharmed. Discovered through correspondance (not the spere) with Project Stormwarden that there is a ritual that allows a mage to pass through the gauntlet unharmed by entering a spirit. Also learned that unawakened individuals who pass through the gauntlet tend to awaken.
-Involved: Elen, Rudy, Project Stormwarden, Various supernaturals from Seattle (as outside contributors)

Large scale plot threads:
-A group nammed sphinx, knwon to some as the rogue council has been assisting mages partake in percision strikes at the technocracy.
-Involved: Traditions, Technocrats.

-A global catastrophe is likely coming within the next five years. Known accomplices would be: most things wyrm tainted, Ancient Vampires, Eye of the worm.
-Involved: Everything (?)

Hell’s Commupance:
-The gates of hell have cracked and demons are now slipping through by an increasing amount. The Archemedes point cabal is currently researching an avenue to help reduce the torment in all or most demons in an effort to reform them.
-Involved: APCM, Emerson, Rene

Order of Hermes and Another large mistake:
-The Order of Hermes has declared a Wizards march on the Vampire Clan Tremere. The Archemedes point Cabal, under the belief of recieving several messages from the Oracles themselves had been attempting to help the tradition avoid a potentially catastrophic mistake. However despite their best efforts the Order of Hermes has declared the Wizards march.
-Involved: APCM, Order of Hermes, Clan Tremere.
-The Archemedes Point Cabal has stumbled onto the new breed of supernaturals that call themeslelves hunters and on other occasions the imbued. This has largely been through their website, the team since has made several posts and comments, while eagerly awaiting replies.
-Involved: APCM, The Imbued, Prometheus(?)

-Finding someway to deal with these monsters. From keeping them asleep to forming some sort of organization that could effectively deal with them. Discovered that the ‘progenitors’ are in fact third generation vampires and that all the first and secon are believed to be deceased. Further learned that ‘4th’ generation vampires are extremely strong in and of themselves. One such Vampire for years had taken over the supernatural scene of the U.S.S.R.
-Involved: APCM, Vampires

Large Scale Vermiculture:
-Attempting to find a way to make the wyrm less crazy to return balance to the cycle.
-Involved: APCM, Wyrm

Project Timecapsule:
-If all else fails, attempting to find a way to survive the oncomming Armageddon.
-Involved: APCM

The Red Star:
-What is it?
-Involved: (?)

Enter the Dragon Mages:
The Wu Lung have declared war and are currently attacking the Akashics and the Euthanatos.
-Invovled: The Euthanatos, Akashics, Wu Lung

New Representation:
Gloria is aiming to become the new head of the Choristers.
-Involved: Gloria, Celestial Chorus

“Finished” plot threads:
Vampire Slaying:
-The over-enthusiastic Rudy has slowed down and (curently) stopped vampire slaying due to the revelation that killing vampires helps speed up the awakening of their ancients and permanently destroys their pattern. Resulting in no reincarnation and doing the work of the wyrm.
-Involved: APCM, Vampires

Battle on Uranus:
-Viewed the aftermath of a battle between the Technocrats and Nephandi, the cause and after effects of the battle are still unknown.
-Involved: Technocracy, Nephandi.

-An ancient Vampire awoke in Bagladesh killing millions. A resulting battle destroyed the umbral reflection of Bagladesh, the Ancient Vampire itself and many technocratic agents. The Achemedean point cabal viewed the after effects and noticed the rift slowly healing itself.
-Involved: Technocracy, Vampires, More (?)

Vampire family members?:
-Found a plot of land that owned to once-relations of a currently deceased (by telephone poll) Vampire. In a mysterious twist, the members were killed by someone who claimed them to be evil and summarily commited suicide himself. His body was never found while several corpses were found buried near the buildings foundation.
-Involved: (?)

Psychic schoolyard:
-On bad terms with a vampire slaying psychic who has church training behind her. Beat her to the punch in capturing a vampire who is working as a janitor at the elementary school. Relocated him to Germany.
-Involved: APCM. Psychic girl.

Vancouver Cabal:
A cross-tradition cabal of various techno-mages partially destroyed a construct in Seattle, while the technocrats were assisting the APC.
-Involved: APCM, Vancouver douches.

Zombies Alive!:
Zombies arose from a graveyard while the APCM were away in Germany. No one was hurt (we think) and the mages in the city had dealt with it. Is it the last we’ll see of them?!
-Involved: Mages of Seattle excepting APCM, Technocracy

Plot Threads

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