Recent History

-about a year and a half ago the Hollow Ones gave up the keys to Horizon to the Technocratic Union resulting in an attack upon Concordia, since then the entrances to Horizon have been scrambled and boobytrapped, the Council of Nine has not been heard from, and the vast majority of masters have not been heard from, the few masters that remain on Earth have gone into seclusion or retreated to Umbral realms with the end of the Ascension War

-many people have attempted to find out what happened in Horizon, however the majority of those that try do not return, and none have reportedlt made it and returned

-many Adepts and Disciples have taken control of local Council interests, there is currently little global leadership, however some are stepping forward to form a New Horizon Council

-about a year ago, information acquired from the Apocalypse Forecast, a report created annually by the Technocratic Union, show projections calculating a 75.367% chance of some form of global catastrophe in the next five years, projections also favour some kind of internal war in the same time period; this instigated talk among younger mages of restarting the Ascension War

-in January, the Children of Knowledge joined the Order of Hermes as House Solifiacti; the Solifacti were a founding member of both the Order of Reason and the Council of Nine Traditions, and have a troubled history with both, they previously held the Council seat of Matter

-in early July, many mages began to be plagued by nightmares and prophetic visions of doom, a subtle hint of entropic resonance seemed to begin permeating everything; these effects remained for a week and during it the Technocracy was quite occupied with strange events that occurred in India, during this time these actions seem to have been hidden by a ‘massive natural disaster’ including heavy cloud cover, later reports corroborated Technocratic actions had occurred and they evoked a protocol called ‘Operation Ragnarok’; the end of the week saw the implementation of a reported array of orbital mirrors as the cloud cover ended; a resultant spiritual wave throughout the Umbra during the end of this week began what is now known as the Avatar Storm

-with the advent of the Avatar Storm, those masters which left Earth for the Umbra have become even less accessible and the Umbra has been cut off from the majority of mages; many Tradition Horizon Realms were ravaged by the beginning of the Avatar Storm, and since then many personal realms have begun to fade or the pathways to them have been lost

-in July, talk began of a new Himalayan War brewing in Asia, members of the Kannagara faction of the Akashic Brotherhood and Euthanatos have sworn revenge against traditional enemies of the area; both factions have advised against restarting the Ascension War until the current issues have been dealt with

-in July people began to notice a new star overhead in the Umbra, it has since become visible to those with magical sight on Earth and grows brighter in the Umbra, now visible their without magical sight at all

-in July, The Sphinx begins to contact mages, spurring them on to save other mages, root out traitors and attack the Technocracy

Recent History

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