Ethan Maynard


Ethan is the Council Attaché of Lord Edward Gilmore on the New Horizon Council and the leader of the Order of Hermes for the Seattle area. He is a member of House Bonisagus, a faction of the Order of Hermes. Ethan serves as Deacon Secundus of Seattle, responsible for the Queen Anne Chantry and the mages of Seattle. Ethan is also the father of Ambrosio Maynard with Anna Vienus.

Ethan is a master of the Forces (Gestures) and Prime (Diamond) spheres, an adept of the Matter (Chanting) and Mind (Runes) spheres, a disciple of the Life (Blood) sphere, a novice of the Correspondence (Mirrors) sphere, and an initiate of the Spirit (Enochian) sphere. As the highest ranking Hermetic mage in Seattle, he enjoys the broadest understanding of magic as its own discipline as learned from the Order of Hermes, the most codified of magical traditions. He possesses a very powerful avatar, as well as an understanding of quasi-mystical traditions such as alchemy.

Ethan has offered both the most and least information concerning his avatar when asked. He has stated plainly that it’s essence is Pattern, but beyond that he’s said nothing else. He claims it is uninteresting and only it’s essence matters to others, which is simply believed to further point out the Hermetic view of magic in clinical terms. When using magic, his resonance obviously shapes the effect, currents of both Dynamic and Entropic seeming to draw in stray threads of creation and tearing them apart, the energy exploding into a deliberate, strongly regimented effect that points to a strong Static slant.


Ethan was born to wealthy English parents, as well as a younger sister Rhea, and both were raised comfortably until their parents died in a car crash when they were twelve and eight, respectively. They were raised by their aunt, during which time Ethan awakened and was trained by his aunt and inducted into the Order of Hermes, a tradition much of his family was involved in, either as Awakened or Linear mages. Upon his eighteenth birthday, he moved back into his family’s home and raised his sister for four years, during which she herself awakened and had her training begun in the style of the Order of Hermes. When Rhea herself turned eighteen, Ethan went abroad to study further while she turned to the Verbena for further training. His training brought him to Seattle a few years later, where he served the Order of Hermes as their associate in the city, continuing his magical research as a member of House Bonisagus. Eventually his sister followed him to Seattle, and they sometimes vacation in their family home even though they both now live full-time in Seattle.

More recently, after assisting the recent Wizard’s March against the Tremere, Ethan has become the Council Attaché of Lord Edward Gilmore on the New Horizon Council, along with Meerlinda, a co-Primus of House Tremere, which was reinstated at the end of the Second Massassa War. Entering into a bubble of accelerated time along with his cabal, Ethan and Anna worked closely together and put theory into practice by producing the necessary magical effects for Anna to conceive a child, with the help of Elen Wu and Melissa Gardner. Ethan and Anna have raised their child, Ambrosio, together, and while the two maintain separate residences and seem more akin to research partners than spouses, they do have an obvious fondness for one another.

Current Activities:
Ethan is serving as the Council Attaché of Lord Edward Gilmore in the New Horizon Council, as well as continuing his role as leader of the Order of Hermes in Seattle.

Ethan Maynard

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