Meerlinda, until recently a vampire and a member of Clan Tremere’s Inner Council of Seven, is the co-Primus of House Tremere along with Pierre de Calice, Council Attaché to Lord Edward Gilmore, and master of the Order of Hermes.

Significantly over a millenium in age, Meerlinda possesses vast skills in many fields, ranging from magical theory and philosophy to poetry, prose, and rhetoric. Widely recognized as a genius in her own era, her long life has simply honed her intellect to a level unobtainable to mortals. Although she prefers to work through others, Meerlinda is quite adept at social relations when it is required.

Magically, Meerlinda is reckoned a master of Life (Blood) and Mind (Language), an adept of Forces (Gestures), Matter (Alchemy), and Prime (Structure), a novice of Correspondence (Reflections), Spirit (Chanting), and Time (Reflections), and an initiate of Entropy (Structure). She is also a stormwarden.

Meerlinda’s avatar is quite powerful Pattern essence and appears to her as Hypatia, the Greek Alexandrian Neoplatonist that was murdered by Christians in the 5th-Century BCE. Due to her long life, both before and after being embraced, Meerlinda’s resonance is quite notable: Dynamic (Creative, WIllful, Driven, Intuitive), Entropic (Coercive, Harvesting, Purifying), Static (Intense, Intricate, Controlled, Eternal).


Much of Meerlinda’s past is not precisely known, but it is quite long. At some point centuries before the vampirization of House Tremere, Meerlinda was born to a Pictish tribe and when she awakened she chose to join House Tremere, rather than her ancestral House Diedne. Eventually, Meerlinda was embraced in a ritual orchestrated by Goratrix, and spent much of her time protecting the nascent Bloodline and later Clan Tremere. Meerlinda was supposedly instrumental in the founding of the Camarilla, and she was active in making the Tremere a significant power in North America. At some point, she was also charged with continuing certain experimentation on the Curse of Caine, and small coteries worked for her directly in pursuit of this project. Bargaining on behalf of Clan Tremere for the return of Etrius, Meerlinda struck a peace accord to end the Second Massassa War with the Order of Hermes, and re-founded House Tremere along with Pierre de Calice. Recently, after having the Ritual of the Red Sign performed on her, Meerlinda is once again a mortal mage.

Current Activities:
Meerlinda is active on the New Horizon Council and administrating her House.


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