Starshine is the leader of the Cult of Ecstasy for the Seattle area and it’s only awakened member found in the city. She is a member of the Joybringer faction of the Cult, which follows the Code of Ananda.

Starshine is a master of the Correspondence (Meditation) and Time (Meditation) spheres, an adept of the Prime (Sexuality) sphere, and a novice of the Entropy (Swearing), Forces (Music), Life (Exercise), Matter (Touch), Mind (Transcendent States), and Spirit (Alcohol), Telos () spheres. She is easily able to tap the collective unconscious with the awakened ability known as Dream and possess skills and knowledge she has not been formally trained in. Perhaps due to her long connection to the Time sphere, she is able to at times simply know events to come, regardless of if the events in question have been temporally warded or not. She possesses extensive training in swordplay and is accomplished in mixing magic into her fighting style, allowing her to perform such feats as deflecting automatic weapons fire.

Starshine has spoken of her avatar on previous occasions, explaining it as ‘the music, the lights, the gyrating bodies; all of the best parties ever rolled into a single, eternal moment’. The tone of the party appears different to her on different occasions, but it is always a party. When asked, Starshine believes her Avatar to be of the Questing essence, and she is very happy that it is so. Her resonance is among the most pronounced and evident in the city, bearing undercurrents of both Entropic and Static while being clearly Dynamic in nature. Her magic always manifests as a mass of whrling, chaotic colours to those with Prime, the colours intense and distinct.


Starshine arrived in Seattle about ten years ago and has been an active participant in both the mage and sleeper society since coming on the scene. Little is known about her before she came to Seattle and the hints she has offered simply suggest she has served the same role she does now in Seattle in cities previously. She seems effectively below the radar, lacking any identification or property that would help to track her earlier movements.

Current Activities:
Starshine is currently serving as a sometimes member of the newest cabal to the city.


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