Specialties: Assimilation, Avatar Storm, Manifestations of Telos, Manipulation

The Tenth Sphere, Ars Unitatis, Unity, and other names have all been given to Telos. Telos is the final sphere of magic, and differs considerably in its goal than other spheres: where the classic nine spheres change the world as it is, Telos is about understanding and controlling how the world should be. Telos focuses upon the properties of purpose, value, and essence, and the supervenient results they produce.

• Sense Telos
Sense Avatar
The rudiments of Telos allow a Mage to sense Psychopomps and other manifestations of Telos, as well as Avatars, shards, and their essence. A Mage can also study the Tellurian and determine the goal or final cause of something, suggesting its inherent purpose within the Tapestry, and how far that thing has deviated from its fourth cause.

•• Touch Telos
Guide Avatar Shard
Influence Avatar Storm
Moving beyond simple sensory effects, the Mage can now make contact with Psychopomps and other (non-human) manifestations of Telos, allowing summoning, communication, contact, and warding similar to Spirit 2. The purpose of avatar shards and their sense of value are naturally weak, so it is simple for a Mage to now produce simple shapes, making weapons or barriers by impressing purpose and value upon individual shards. As avatar shards develop a stronger purpose through congregation into the Avatar Storm, the storm is more difficult to affect, but a Mage can make the storm more or less energetic by manipulating the value which the storm places upon its own purpose.

••• Manipulate Telos
Manipulate Avatar Shard
Guide Avatar Storm
Simple Assimilation
Psychopomps and other (non-human) manifestations of Telos can now be manipulated by the Mage, allowing binding and reshaping as per Spirit 4 and 5 respectively. Manipulation of individual avatar shards is now possible, allowing a Mage to change the essence of shards: this mastery now allows the complete manipulation of the limited personalities that shards possess, through the changing of purpose, value, and essence. Where a Mage exerted limited influence over the storm before, the Mage can now direct its flow and general direction by manipulating its self-generated purpose in an area. The Mage can now prepare their own Avatar to assimilate avatar shards of the correct essence, strengthening the Mage’s own Avatar.

•••• Manipulate Sleeping Avatar
Complex Assimilation
Influence Avatar
The sleeping Avatar has now become entirely malleable to the Mage, allowing purpose, value, and essence to all be manipulated to change the supervening personality of the Avatar; moreover, sleeping Avatars can now be bound or unbound to a host as desired. The Mage can personally assimilate any unbound Avatar and bring about the assimilation of Avatar shards in others, but as always an inappropriate match will prove problematic. In the case of non-Mage supernaturals, avatar shard assimilation will be resisted by their supernatural nature. If an assimilation with a non-Mage supernatural is achieved, the result depends upon the supernatural type, but generally results in the destruction of their supernatural nature. Awakened avatars can now be influenced by the Mage, allowing shifts in their purpose and value, but essence is still beyond the Mage’s grasp.


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